Buying Real Estate should be one of the most exciting times in your life.

It also happens to be a very important investment in your life.


Why should I be your Realtor?

When buying a home there are many factors that need to be closely reviewed to ensure the property you’re buying is a smart investment. The last thing any home buyer wants is to purchase a property that ends up costing them a bunch of money in repairs and unexpected issues.

With me as your Realtor® you will have all of my construction knowledge on your side. As a General Contractor and Custom Home builder, I can walk through any property and point out all the deficiencies and future issues that will arise. I know building codes and permits, I know what the nicest finishes are from the cheapest finishes. I also know how to properly install any type of building product, from windows to doors, electrical , plumbing, heating and cooling, framing, flooring + tile, lighting, insulation, and the list goes on. I am able to provide you with more information about the construction of a home than 99% of Realtors out there, all through first hand experience.  

I take care of my clients, from the day we meet, to years following the purchase of their property. As a client you will get the amazing buying experience everyone deserves when making the biggest purchase of their lives. Most importantly you will be protected. I will not allow my clients to purchase a home that I see giving them any major issues in the future. Sure there are unexpected issues that can arise as a home owner, but using a realtor® with the knowledge that I possess can really limit the problems you will face.

Let's face it, everyone wants to find their dream home, but unless you’re buying brand new there’s always something in a property that can be updated. My clients get on the spot values for how much a certain renovation would cost them. With my experience I'm able to break it down to exactly what building materials would be required, accompanied with an estimate for the labor if needed. This allows my clients to have a really good indication of what a property will cost them in the long run and not just the initial purchase. When any renovations are needed my client's don't have to go out of their way to find a contractor they can trust, all they have to do is call their realtor®. I make it easy for my clients to make their home into their dream home.

First Time Home Buyers

As a first time home buyer your down payment only has to be 5% of the property’s purchase price. To put that in perspective, 5% of a $250,000 house is $12,500. In order for a financing institution to give you a mortgage approval you will also need to have a full time job (stable income). Whenever you put less than 20% of a down payment on a property, an insurance company gets involved to cover the bank in case of a default on the mortgage (meaning you stopped paying your bills). The insurer is known as CMHC, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and like any other insurance in life, it isn’t free. CMHC on average takes 2.8% - 4% of the total mortgage amount for their cooperation in the deal. It may seem like its a bit pricey but at the end of the day they make it possible for people to invest in real estate. They give you the freedom of being able to own your own property, to live on your own, and most importantly they allow you to start investing in real estate. With the current residential home value in Winnipeg increasing at an average of 1-4% per year on land value alone, it only makes sense to invest in the market sooner then later. 

Find out how much your mortgage payments would be




Think about the money you’re constantly putting into your landlords pocket each month. I am a landlord, I own a rental property and I understand that not everyone is in a position to own their own house. If you’re currently renting and are financially able to purchase real estate then I highly suggest you do so at the end of your current lease. The amount of money you’re currently paying for rent will never be seen again. When you own a piece of real estate you’re putting equity into your own pocket.  I would to love help anyone looking to get out of their current situation and into their first home. Invest your money smarter, and make your future brighter!

Are you ready to BUY?