Get to know Me 

I, Michael Walker, am a Winnipeg Realtor®.

I'm also a Licensed Journeyman Electrician, and General Contractor.

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, East Kildonan/Harbourview area to be exact. Growing up, my life was centered around sports. I played, watched, and lived for sports. I was the kid bouncing a basketball all the way to school and back, day in, day out. The competitive nature was in me from day one. Taking part in every school sport throughout junior high, accompanied with soccer+hockey in the summers and snowboarding+hockey in the winters. I played AA hockey until High School came around, playing three consecutive years for the Miles Mac Buckeyes. Fast forward to the present where I currently take part in a recreational league.

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Where it all started

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I graduated from Miles Macdonell Collegiate and went right into the electrical apprenticeship program. During my years of experience with electrical, I was able to learn various aspects to the trade. Residential, commercial, industrial, I did it all, eventually specializing in HVAC Controls. I then graduated from Red River College obtaining my Red Seal Journeyman License. After completing my Red Seal Certificate I proceeded to obtain my Realtor® license, currently signed to the very well known Royal LePage Prime Real Estate brokerage.

What makes me different

Real estate investing came into my life when I was 21. With only having to put 5% down + closings costs, I was able to save up enough money to purchase my first home.  At the age of 23 I saved up even more money to invest again into the real estate market. A friend and I purchased a house that required a substantial amount of renovations. With a property in that condition, the bank will request you to fund a 20% down payment towards your mortgage. In our case the bank wanted a 25% down payment, making that property an even bigger investment than initially planned. With both of us working our full time jobs we still managed to get to the house every night and every weekend. The sweat equity earned from that property is what influenced us to start our own general contracting and custom home building company. We specialize in all aspects of construction: Electrical, HVAC mechanical (Furnace & A/C), Plumbing, Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc. You name it, we know it, and if I personally don’t have an answer to your question I will call someone who does. With my vast supply of contacts in the construction industry, nothing will go unanswered. 

Real estate is now what drives me and has become my main passion. With my knowledge behind the construction of a home, and the “how to’s” to any renovation, I’m able to better protect my clients. I can provide them with on the spot values for future work that will need to be done. This allows my clients to have a better understanding of what a property will cost them in the long run and not just the initial investment. I have an abundance of knowledge and information to offer when it comes to buying, renovating, or selling real estate. Buy or sell with confidence when using Michael Walker as your Realtor®


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